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Golf is a great sport for women and I believe all women golfers should do what we can to get more women playing the game.
That’s why I wrote GoodShot! Golf. Despite being a golfer for quite a while now with a handicap in the mid-teens, I remember very well how I struggled to learn golf twice and failed both times. Both times I tried very hard to learn, but I made several fundamental mistakes.
Lots of women would give up after two tries, but I married a golf nut and I wanted to sport to be part of both our lives, not just his.
Fortunately, the third attempt was a success, but it took a completely different approach. That’s what I want to share — how to go about learning to play golf in a way that makes it fun from the beginning.

Get Out On the Course and Play

There’s nothing fun about hitting bad shot after bad shot on the course. There’s nothing fun about trying to hit out of bunkers or the deep rough before you know how to do it. But it’s also not fun to stay on the driving range practicing until you master all the clubs and shots.
That’s the choice. Take a beginners game out on the course and struggle to play golf the “normal” way, or play GoodShot! Golf while you are learning and build up your game until you are ready to play like an experienced golfer.
GoodShot! Golf has no swing tips — I’m not a golf instructor. GoodShot! Golf is an eight-step plan for learning to play golf and an on-course scoring system that counts your good shots. It also provides a system for improving as you play, by adding new shots as you master them. You will play golf like a bogey golfer until you become one.
If you’ve purchased the book, thank you. I hope it helps you become a golfer. If you’re still thinking about, there is a lot of information at GoodShotGolf.com to help you make a decision.
I welcome all your comments and feedback. Let’s build a community of new women golfers.

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