Here’s what some PGA Professionals think about GoodShot! Golf

Just reporting back to you regarding Good Shot Golf now I have had a chance to sit down and have a read of it.

I have to say I’m really impressed, anything to help ladies get into golf and make it more enjoyable and less frightening is a great idea!

We in the UK where I teach have a real shortage of women taking up golf and Good Shot Golf could provide an effective way to make the huge task of becoming an accomplished golfer more enjoyable

I commend Janelle for this idea and I actually learned the game at the age of 12 a Similar way. I come from a single figure handicap golfing family my mother is off 9 my dad 9 an my brother 4 and when I was 12 learning I used to be allowed to walk round the course and hit the odd 7iron. If I hit a good one I was allowed to hit another if not i picked my ball up for a few hundred yards and was shown other shots as I progressed.

I think your ideas are great! Keep up the good work!

Lee Skidmore
PGA Golf Professional
Leicestershire, England

I think for many programs it is a great concept.  I have a very active and successful beginners program that I currently incorporate all of the elements of the book.

It is well done and much needed.

Christopher M. Foley
PGA Master Professional
Director of Instruction – The Legacy Courses at Craguns
US Junior National Team Coach

Tweet from Heather Ruhe, PGA

Tweet from Peter Egazarian, PGA

It looks great! Very simple, which is a huge key in my opinion.

Bill DeVore,CGFI
PGA Apprentice / TPI Certified
The Club at Longview
Weddington, NC 28173

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  1. It’s very difficult to give this book the proper accolades on the 140 characters limit of Twitter. Seems like Janelle has been a fly on every range ball of every golf lesson I’ve ever given. She holds true to the value of professional swing instruction, while at the same time offering the guidance of a true friend that has “been there and done that”. Her candid responses to frustration that our often found with beginner golfers, along with solutions to make the game fun with GoodShot! Golf is certainly inspiring. More importantly, it’s a concrete doable plan . And, as Yoda may say, “There is no try, only do.”

    Thanks for sharing your program with me. Can’t wait to use it to introduce GoodShot! Golf to more golfers & professionals across the globe.

    Well done,

    Heather A. Ruhe, PGA