A New Way To Learn To Play Golf

Enjoy playing golf GoodShot! Golf

      – right from the start –

              with GoodShot! Golf.

  • An Eight-Step Plan for learning to play golf.
  • No struggling with shot after shot on the golf course.
  • Lots of positive reinforcement from counting GoodShots!
  • Improve while playing, using a system that tells you when it’s time to add something new.
  • Play golf like an experienced golfer until you are one.

Fall in love with golf while you learn!


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A message from the author of GoodShot! Golf

Golf is a wonderful sport.  You get to enjoy beautiful golf courses in wonderful locations like Pebble Beach, Maui, Scottsdale and Boca Raton.  My mother played golf into her late 80s, so golf is a sport that lasts a lifetime.  It is both challenging and rewarding.

But golf can be frustrating to learn.  That’s because there’s a lot to learn.  There are 14 different clubs to use, and numerous shot types to master.

I’ve seen many women attempt to learn to play golf and fail.  I failed twice myself.  Perhaps you’ve already tried yourself.  It gets frustrating to go out on the golf course and hit shot after shot, none of which go very far.  And that’s just to get near the green.  Then there are pitch shots, sand shots, chipping and putting.

Women quit because this just isn’t fun.  But there is no reason not to have fun from the very first day you go out on the golf course.  That’s where GoodShot! Golf comes in.

GoodShot! Golf gives you a method for playing golf as soon as you’ve mastered just three golf shots.  With some lessons from a PGA or LPGA professional, you can learn those three things pretty quickly.

Then you are out on the course having fun.  You play the same shots an experienced golfer would play and you keep score of only your GoodShots!, not all the bad ones.

GoodShot! Golf also gives you a system for improving.  As you master shots, you add new ones to your repertoire one-by-one.  Your GoodShot! Golf scorecard will tell you when it’s time to add something new.

Soon, you’ll be thinking about playing regular golf, but by that time, you’ll be ready.

I hope you’ll buy GoodShot! Golf.  We have a special introductory promotion, that gives you several bonuses beyond the eBook itself.  Read down the page for more information.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at Janelle@GoodShotGolf.com.  I would love to hear from you.

Hope to see you out on the course!

Janelle Gluckman


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