GoodShot! Golf Videos

These are members-only instructional videos on the GoodShot! Golf Method

Parts of a golf hole videoParts of a Golf Hole

Learn the terminology for the parts of a golf hole


How to play a Par4 VideoHow to Play a Par 4 Hole

The GoodShot! Golf method


Around the Green videoAround the Green

Once you get to the green, here’s how to play


How to play a Par 3 videoHow to Play a Par 3 Hole

Par 3s are short holes


How to play a par 5 videoHow to Play a Par 5 Hole

Par 5s are long holes, but they’ll only take you 6 shots

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  1. I thought you were working at your day job – instead you created this amazing web site and eBook (I just read the first chapters, but I will certainly read the rest later tonight – I need to work at my day job :-))