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GoodShot! Golf is a new way for women to learn to play golf.  We’ve packaged the eBook with several bonuses as a very special gift for someone interested in golf.

GoodShot! Golf

Why give GoodShot! Golf

Here’s what readers learn:

  • How to follow an Eight-Step Plan for learning to play golf.
  • How to avoid struggling with bad shot after bad shot on the golf course.
  • How keep score positively – only GoodShots count!
  • How to improve while playing, using a system that tells them when it’s time to add something new.
  • How to play golf like an experienced golfer until they are one .

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Our gift package includes the following items for just $14.95:

    • The GoodShot! Golf eBook in PDF format, list price $19.95.
  • A file to print a special gift announcement
  • A file for printing blank GoodShot! Golf scorecards.
  • A file for printing the ‘On Course Quick Reference Guide to GoodShot! Golf
  • Membership to the GoodShot! Golf website, a $10 value, which includes:
  • Videos explaining all aspects of GoodShot! Golf.
  •  A ‘Members Only’ blog with tips for new women golfers.

Scroll down for ideas to make your gift even more special.

Golf — the gift that keeps giving for a life time

If you’ve read this far, you probably know someone that would like to learn to play golf.  Perhaps that person is still struggling to learn or has failed in the past.

GoodShot! Golf has no swing tips.  It’s an Eight Step Plan to learn to play golf while still learning all the clubs and shots it takes to become a golfer.  GoodShot! Golfers count only their Good Shots and play like a “real” golfer until they become one, using a special GoodShot! Golf scorecard.

No hitting bad shot after bad shot after bad shot out on the course.  The golf course is for having fun playing golf.  The driving range and practice green are the places to learn to hit golf shots.

GoodShot! Golf encourages taking lessons from a PGA or LPGA professional to create a solid foundation for success.  New golfers are quickly out on the course playing a simplified game using a system that helps them add shots to their repertoire as they learn them.

It’s more fun for the new golfer and more fun for the people who play with them – perhaps you!

GoodShot! Golf helps new golfers plan their transition to playing regular golf.  With practice, lessons and play, they can graduate from being GoodShot! Golfers to real bogey or double-bogey golfers.

You’re giving them a good start on a great sport.  One they can play for a lifetime.

Janelle Gluckman


P.S. By the way, the GoodShot! Golf eBook is written for women, but if you have children you’d like to learn golf, many of the concepts will help them too.


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How to Make Your Gift of Golf Even More Special

Your Special Gift package includes a gift letter that explains how to access the Member’s Only portion of the GoodShot! Golf website.  But if you’d like to make your gift a little less “virtual,” here are some ideas:

  • Print the eBook. Take the GoodShot! Golf eBook PDF file to a printer  and ask for it to be printed on a color printer and comb-bound with a clear front cover and a solid back cover.
  • Add Scorecards. Use the file for the GoodShot! Golf scorecard to have a pad of scorecards printed.  The On Course Quick Reference Guide to GoodShot! Golf can be printed on the back of the scorecard so the new golfer has everything they need to play.
  • Add a golf glove in her favorite color.   Just Google “purple women’s golf glove” for example.  If you’re unsure of size, you can take a jaunt to the golf store for an exchange.  My favorite “special occasion” golf gloves can be seen at http://www.g-fore.com/ .  Fabulous colors.
  • Add a gift certificate.  Get a gift card to one of the golf specialty stores or a local pro shop that features a variety of women’s clubs and clothes.


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