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New golfers need golf clubs.  Golf shops and pro shops have a variety of sets of new clubs, but don’t let a limited budget keep you from learning to play golf.

Quality matters in golf clubs, but at the very beginning I think you’re better off putting your money into lessons than expensive clubs.  A good teacher can help you learn to hit any reasonably good set of clubs.  Just buy a set manufactured in this century with graphite, women’s flex shafts.  Once you’re hooked on golf, there will be time to become a gear slut like me.  I definitely spend more on golf clubs than shoes.

A set of used clubs can work perfectly fine for your first set.  eBay is one place to look for clubs, but before you buy there, be sure to check out your local golf shops so you know what it’s available for new.  A lot of new equipment is sold on eBay and sometimes it costs as much as buying from a shop – especially when you add shipping.

But if you know what you are doing, there are some deals available.  I perused the women’s golf clubs on sale on eBay today and here’s what I found:

TaylorMade Miscela Iron Set:  Bid at the moment:  $152.49

A used set of irons including two hybrids and a sand wedge.  Add a putter and a beginning golfer could get started.  Once the 5 hybrid is mastered, add a seven or five wood.  I owned a set of Miscela clubs and they were very easy to hit.  Keep in mind that you will still need a golf bag and a putter, so some of the complete sets will still be comparable in price.

Adams Square Two Bliss complete Set:  Bid at the moment:  $51.

Square Two is a low end brand from Adams, but this is a complete set of clubs including a putter, bag and club covers.  These clubs would definitely get you started.  This set is about $300 new, so don’t bid too high in this auction.

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