A new way for women to learn to play golf

A Special Offer for Kindle and Nook Purchasers

The list price of GoodShot! Golf is $19.95. On the Kindle and Nook, however, it can be difficult to read some of the graphics.

So we priced the eBook for Kindle and Nook at $9.95 and offer a $5.00 upgrade for those who purchase it from Amazon or B&N. In addition to the graphics, we’re also including membership to the site, which normally is priced at $10.00.

If you purchase the upgrade, we will email you a PDF with all the graphics from the book in full color.

You’ll also receive files for printing out the GoodShot! Golf scorecard and On-Course Quick Reference Guide.

In addition, we’ll send you a coupon code for membership (and a link to the registration page), which will give you members-only access to our series of videos and special blog postings.