Welcome To GoodShot! Golf

Golf is a great sport for women and I believe all women golfers should do what we can to get more women playing the game. That’s why I wrote GoodShot! Golf. Despite being a golfer for quite a while now with a handicap in the mid-teens, I remember very well how I struggled to learn […]

Playing GoodShot! Golf with Strangers

It won’t be long before you get paired with people you don’t know while playing golf.  When my husband and I play at various courses around the state, we are often paired with two other men.  I have actually seen men roll their eyes when they see that they have been paired with a woman.

What I Found on eBay Today

New golfers need golf clubs.  Golf shops and pro shops have a variety of sets of new clubs, but don’t let a limited budget keep you from learning to play golf. Quality matters in golf clubs, but at the very beginning I think you’re better off putting your money into lessons than expensive clubs.  A […]

Five Reasons Why Golf is Harder for Women

Most estimates say that less than 25% of golfers are women.  Partly, that’s because golf is harder for women to learn than men.  Here are five reasons why: Course Length:  Even from the most-forward set of tees, many golf courses are too long for women. In a perfect world, if a man and a woman […]