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Janelle Gluckman


Janelle Gluckman failed to learn to play golf twice. The first was as a child.

“I was the only egghead in a family of jocks. They all took to golf like ducks to water. I was more like a twenty-pound bar bell. I finally refused to participate in the ‘family golf’ thing.”


Then she married a golf nut and tried again.

“I had $99 junk for clubs and became ‘that woman golfer.’ The one who takes a dozen shots to
get to the green and hits five more around the green. Three years of 100% business travel saved
me from golf.”

But her husband really wanted to play and Janelle knew he wouldn’t do it if it meant Saturdays of leaving her at home.

“I bought new clubs just so Howard would, but I knew I needed a different approach. Golf had to
be fun. Through trial and error, I developed the system presented in GoodShot! Golf. Even while
I was still a beginner, we played golf on great golf courses all over the country. Golf became our
joint passion, so a vacation in Pebble Beach seemed like a desirable – if huge — expenditure to
both of us.”

Now Janelle is a solid bogey golfer with a handicap index in the mid-teens. She decided to share what she had learned about learning to play golf with other women.

“Golf is a great sport for women. We just need to get over the hump of playing badly while
learning. If a woman falls in love with playing golf, she’ll master it. GoodShot! Golf is intended
to help women by showing them how to play like accomplished golfers until they become one.”

For those who are concerned, Janelle does have a day job as an Oracle software developer.

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